7-Day Email Course Includes:

Day 1

Social Media Strategies, Part A

Day 2

Social Media Strategies, Part B

Day 3

Online Book Promotions

Day 4

The Power of Series & Genre

Day 5

Newsletters & Keeping In Touch

Day 6

Book Launches, Giveaways, Contests

Day 7

Getting Book Reviews and Meta Data

Plus 2 Bonuses!

Bonus 1: A FULL listing of Facebook Groups by Genre So You Can Market Your Book

Bonus 2: A listing of free and affordable Book Promo websites to submit your book for advertising

Hear What Students Are Saying...

Richard H Allen

This is a very readable, well-organised short course which gives self-publishing writers an enormous amount of help in increasing their readership.

Kathy Bain

The lesson on newsletters came perfectly timed...I’m thinking of making some changes and the course had good information.

Valerie Leroyer

I was very impressed with the content...incredible job...her (bonus) list is by far the best I've seen. I'd definitely recommend the course.